Consultancy and Advisory Services.

We integrates into your business workflow whether you are looking to create a new application, or need help with development or support of your existing solutions.

Masam Technologies wants to provide an alternative that takes your problems away, not create more.

Sales & Accounting Software.
Advertising & Social Networking Analytics.
Product Testing.
Online Banking Integration.
Business Communication Platforms.
Financial Software Services.
Product Maintenance & Support.
And more.

Software Development

We Develop and customize software products to suite our clients needs, developing custom software solutions that are scalable so you can compete far into the future. Our company has developed a number of software which are available in the market today.

Research and Consultancy

We providing consultancy and research services. Our Consultants are experienced professionals who apply proven methodologies and frameworks, critical thinking, deep analytics, and knowledge management to solve your challenges. Our expertise will help you and your organization to align your business and IT systems, acquire the right technologies and solutions for your business, optimize IT operations and manage major change using proven solutions and methodologies.

Our Latest Experience

DEBA Business Platform

The Business Management and Communication Platform project aims to develop a comprehensive web-based platform that offers a range of essential business management tools and communication services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The platform offers billing, POS for shops and restaurants, inventory management, online store creation, and project and task management tools.

StoreFront with the ability to create and manage their own online store, including customizable storefronts, secure payment processing, and integrated shipping and logistics services.
Customizable billing system that allows businesses to create and send invoices, receive payments, and track their financial transactions.
POS system that enables businesses to process sales transactions, manage customer orders, and generate real-time sales reports.
Inventory management system that helps businesses track their stock levels, manage orders, and optimize their supply chain operations.
Project and task management tools that enable businesses to manage their workflow, assign tasks, track progress, and collaborate with team members.
Shared web hosting service that allows businesses to host their web apps and websites on the platform, with easy deployment and maintenance features.

Problem Animal Information System (PAIS)

Development, updating & operationalization of the problem animal information management systems(pais)

Wildlife Division (WD) developed an ICT system (database) that will be used to centrally coordinate the data collection of HWCs throughout the country. This will ensure correct and timely reporting of incidents, which will also enable WD to timely process and pay consolation to the individuals affected. The German Technical Cooperation (GIZ) supported WD in the development of that system/database

Dereva Barabarani App

"Experience a seamless world of events, tickets, shopping, and essential business tools all in one app. Download now and unlock a new realm of convenience and possibilities."

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Cornwell Tanzania Online Blog + Shop

An online web store that will be used to provide an alternative solution for customers who cannot visit the physical store.


Plagiarism Detection System

Providing a solution for universities and schools to check for Plagiarism to find out whether the document has been copied from the internet


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